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Private Surf Lessons

We run private sessions for individuals and small groups, perfect for birthdays and families. Private surf lessons are suitable for all levels and abilities for those wanting 100% of the instructor’s attention to advance quicker.

The bonus of a private surf lessons is that you can choose the time and length of the session, as well as what you specifically want to focus on and improve.

Private surf lessons are the best way to achieve great results in a limited amount of time.

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Your instructor is there to help you achieve your surfing goals, whatever they may be. They will start by helping you set them, by considering your existing surfing ability, fitness, agility, and your motivation. They will also carry out a short assessment with you to fully understand your goals and how best to achieve them.

Any footage you have of you surfing could potentially help your instructor when planning the lesson and save valuable time figuring out what it is you need to work on. Moreover, it will allow you to skip over things you are already good at.

Yes, you are guaranteed to see the best possible results in the shortest time frame with our private surf lessons. We will also provide you with actionable feedback at the end of the lesson on what to continue working on for future improvement. 

While people progress at different rates, the direct attention of a private surf lesson with one of our experienced instructors will get you up and running quicker than other new surfers.

Our instructors are carefully selected, and all of them have the experience and skills to teach all levels of surf ability. A lot of our students become friends with our instructors and return time and time again to stay with us and continue perfecting their surfing.