Surfing Lessons Everyone can learn how to surf with no previous experience necessary!

Surfing Without Any Experince

Surfing is a great way to stay fit and healthy while having fun and leading an inspiring and fulfilling life. Surfing Lessons has continued to increase in popularity since its mainstream inception in the 1960s. Welcoming millions of people all over the world to this amazing sport. Get ready to try something, unlike anything you’ve ever done before. And join mother nature for the best board sport in the world.

Warning: Before embarking on your first surf trip, consider these important factors – Surfing is very addictive. And may lead to a lot of fun and a positive outlook on life.


Beginner Surf Lessons

Beginners surfing lessons are conducted in near Caleta de Famara, a short distance from our main surf school. With a golden sand beach as far as the eye can see and consistent waves perfect for beginners, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Our passionate instructors love to surf, but they love teaching people to surf more and will have you standing up surfing your first wave in no time!

Intermediate Surf Lessons

If you already have a couple of waves under your belt and can surf an unbroken wave sideways for at least 5 seconds, our intermediate surf lessons are for you. Our surf school is set up perfectly to allow you to improve your existing skills and take your technique to the next level with some basic maneuvers and plenty of tips and tricks.

Private Surf Lessons

If you are looking to drastically and quickly improve your surfing skills, getting the full attention from one of our expert instructors in a private lesson is the right choice for you. Utilise our instructors surfing expertise to take you from a complete novice to your first wave in no time. Experience Lanzarote’s perfect waves and beautiful weather while the friendly Surf and Yoga Camp team guide you to success. You’ll be learning on one of the best surf beaches in Europe, Famara Beach.

Surf Lessons for Children

When teaching children to surf, safety comes first. All our child surf lessons are held in waist-deep waters where they can easily stand and are in close proximity to an instructor. The kids are gradually introduced to the water at their own pace without pressure or any expectations. These lessons are available to children with basic swimming ability aged 6 and over.

Yoga & Massage

Rejuvenating yoga classes are the perfect remedy for physical water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. Being at the mercy of the waves all day can take a serious toll on your body. Our yoga classes help to prevent inflexibility and stiff muscles while speeding up the recovery process, ensuring your ready for the next day’s waves. Experiencing amazing sunrises and sunsets while doing rejuvenating yoga will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Kite Lessons

The best kitesurfing conditions in Europe can be found in Lanzarote, especially in summer. Playa Famara’s northern part is a world-renowned kitesurfing spot, with dependable wind and reliable waves. The entire beach is totally safe, ideal for all ability levels.