Intermediate Surfing

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Our intermediate surf lessons focus on progressing surfers existing skills in a fun environment. You will gain greater control, better balance, and improved consistency in your riding while riding more complex waves.

What will I learn in intermediate surf lessons?

  • Our intermediate course will help you improve various basic surf skills, such as your bottom turn. You will also learn some more advanced techniques like top turns, cutbacks, duck dives. And how to effectively control your speed. Most importantly, you will go from passively riding the wave to actively surfing it.
  • You will learn how to select the correct maneuvers at the right time, generate speed on your own. Stay in the wave’s power pocket and improve paddling technique to conserve necessary energy.
  • Our expert instructors are also able to teach advanced take-off techniques to avoid wipeouts, show you. How to better read waves to minimize close-outs, and achieve better line-up positioning to catch the best waves.

How do intermediate surf lessons work?

  • Before the lesson begins, our instructors will complete an assessment on the beach. And in the water to determine your surfing ability. This will allow them to tailor the training to you with ability-specific exercises.
  • We will help you focus on the correct training. And select the best equipment to achieve your goals and to suit your surfing level. We will make sure you don’t hinder your progress with the wrong equipment, such as having the wrong size board.
  • All of the surf instructors highly-skilled, friendly, passionate about teaching. And certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).
  • Groups kept small, with a maximum of 8 surf students per instructor. This ensures more direct contact with the instructor for each surfer and adheres to the ISA recommendation.


Because everyone starts at a slightly different level with different natural abilities, it’s hard to say how many lessons you will require to see improvement. On average, our surfers require between 5 and 10 lessons to see significant improvement.

While the weather in Lanzarote is beautiful year-round, surfing is heavily dependent on weather conditions as this affects the waves. This is why we recommend joining us for multiple lessons over a week or two.