Kids Surf Lessons

Mixed groups

Experience has shown us that children-only groups aren’t very productive in terms of progression, which is why we combine adults and children.
We have found that the most productive and enjoyable groups are those where adults and children are taught together and can feed off each other’s excitement and energy.

More often than not, the children in our mixed groups show the adults how to let go and be in the moment, how to utilize their natural ability, how to keep calm, and most importantly, how to have fun. Conversely, adults reinforce important educational and safety details for the kids.
As with our other lessons, we keep our children’s surf groups small, with a maximum of eight surfers to an instructor, adhering to the ISA recommendation.
Our top priority is to create a completely safe, fun, and educational environment where learning is easy.

Get them off to a great start.

Our experienced instructors have the necessary patience and professionalism to teach young surfers the necessary skills. They will consistently provide valuable feedback and instruction in order to develop their surfing ability. 

When trying to learn on their own, children make the same mistakes time. And time again, which can often be frustrating. This can affect their love for the sport as this usually hinders progress, which can be very annoying. Our instructors will help to stop bad habits before they can’t be unlearnt. 

As we know, the sea can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to navigate it. All of our instructors are certified by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) and can prepare children with the knowledge. And immediate safety to have an exhilarating surf session in the water.

Most of our young surfers are able to stand up and surf a wave within the first couple of hours!

Fun and safe

Children have the time of their lives at our surf lessons!

Surf and Yoga Camp Lanzarote runs children’s surfing lessons for complete beginners up to advanced surfers in a safe and enjoyable environment.

All our children’s surf lessons are conducted in waist-deep waters with our instructor always in close proximity to maintain maximum safety and provide feedback.